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We have just packed and shipped out our 11th container full of wheelchairs and equipment to Mexico. It included power wheelchairs, workshop tools and equipment, special seating and classroom equipment. All equipment sent out is distributed by trained professionals to ensure that it is used properly and hundreds of children in Monterry, Puerto Vallarta and other areas have had their lives transformed for the better.

Manufacturing Equipment in Mexico

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The INA now have an excellent manufacturing facility attached to their Postural management clinic. MeDiCT has trained all 5 engineers and technicians to design and manufacture the special equipment that the children need such as specialist wheelchairs, supportive seating, standing frames and lying supports. All this equipment prevents deformity and promotes independence and mobility as well as self esteem and happiness. We are very proud of the recent development of adjustable modular seats which grow with the child (shown above). Previously parents had to buy a new seat every time the child grew out of them, now they grow with the child, saving money for parents and freeing up more time for the staff to help other children in other clinics and institutes.


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We have had a number of successful training partnerships over the past 13 years. For example, Mexican staff have trained in the world class Treloar school for disabled children in Hampshire. Seven experts from Treloar have volunteered their time to visit Mexico to deliver training and share their expertise.  Most recently Paulina and Fabi from Monterrey have started their degree courses funded by MeDiCT. They will be the first qualified Occupational Therapists in the Institute in Monterrey, building on all their existing paediatric training.


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We followed up our 2013 Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge with fantastic support from the Glastonburrows music festival in 2014. The sun shone all day on the hundreds of festival goers from families to more hardened revellers who all had a great weekend listening to awesome music. Medict was one of three charities supported by this brilliant family run festival in Leyland, Lancashire.