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Equipment Training Partnerships
Since 2001 thousands of children have benefited from equipment sent from the UK in our containers. Second hand equipment is collected from hospitals, schools and clinics all over the country by our partner Specialist Orthotic Services. International Aid Trust, another charity, also collect equipment, then store, pack and ship the equipment in large containers to Mexico on behalf of MeDiCT.We have just shipped our 10th container full of equipment and wheelchairs which will dramatically improve the lives of disabled children across the country.If you have any equipment you would like to donate please contact us. Since 2001 more than forty professionals have visited the Nuevo Amanacer Institute in Mexico to deliver training and share knowledge with Mexican doctors, physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, rehabilitation engineers, and specialists in special education and aquatics.Whilst Mexico has high standards of training for doctors, there is little or no training available for other therapists and professionals who work with disabled children. Without MeDiCTs support and work with the INA, thousands of children would not have proper treatment leading to debilitating and painful deformities.We train therapists to help these children become pain free, achieve independence and contribute to society, for example by knowing which equipment is best for their needs and working with families to help them understand postural management and physiotherapy.If you are a professional who would like to donate your expertise and time please contact us.

MeDiCT has delivered most of its support to disabled children through the Nuevo Amanecer Institute (INA) in Monterrey, Mexico. The INA is becoming a centre of excellence in Mexico and now shares equipment and training with other centres across the country. We have joined forces with Therapies Unite, a charity doing similar work in Puerto Vallarta.

We rely heavily on the support of our domestic partners SOS and International Aid Trust who collect equipment and pack and pay for containers to ship it to Mexico.

MeDiCT is proud to work with the following partners who together make a huge contribution to our work supporting disabled children in Mexico.

– Instituto Nuevo Amanecer

– Specialised Orthotic Services

– International Aid

– Therapies Unite

– Blixembosh

– Treloar

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