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Mexican Visit by Sarah Davies December 2014

Sarah Davies, Founder of the MeDiCT charity visited Mexico in December 2014 and the following is an outline of the progress made on multiple fronts.

One of the main aims of MeDiCT is to provide education and training for staff through Instituto Nuevo Amanecer (INA). A major refurbishment is taking place at the INA premises in Monterrey so there is much noise and dust around the place. The end result however will be much better facilities including larger classrooms, wider corridors, better bathrooms and treatment areas. A key objective of INA is to try and roll out their expertise to other institutions and clinics throughout Mexico. Sarah during her visit was able to experience first hand  how the roll-out is progressing. INA teams now spend at least one day per week visiting other clinics where their skills are passed on. The “team” consists of a doctor who specialises in rehabilitation, a physiotherapist and occupational therapist with language and speech therapy also covered. A psychologist is also part of the team and their counterparts in the clinic they are visiting meet with disabled children and their families to try and ensure that appropriate assesments and resulting follow up programs are put in place. Such training is a 2-way process as clinic staff also visit INA at a later date. The additional training that MeDiCT has facilitated over the years was much in evidence.

Training is a key objective of MeDiCT as is the sourcing of unused equipment from the UK. The equipment sent to INA is subsequently shared with many other clinics throughout Mexico and again mention must be made of SOS and International Aid Trust who help us immensely in sourcing and delivering this much needed equipment. It is Sarah’s intention to focus more on the specific needs of the clinics and try and find equipment that is more urgently required. She was also able to meet with parents of disabled children who explained just what a difference the equipment made to their children’s lives.

Hydrotherapy training sponsored by MeDiCT has also brought much benefit and currently there are discussions  to provide further input.

Treloar another UK institution continues to provide much assistance. Feeding and drinking training is now showing dividends and progress has been made in communication support for the children.

The 2 MeDiCT sponsored occupational therapists who are undertaking a degree program continue to prosper and they are able to bring their new found skills to the fore.

Postural management is another field supported by MeDiCT and is was positive to see the cooperation between clinics in Mexico. INA has the ability to mould seats specific to the needs of severely handicapped children and it is hoped that the transference of these skills will benefit others.

The visit proved fruitful and it was pleasing to witness the progress that is being made. For all the progress however there is still much that can be done but Sarah was as ever impressed by the professionalism and dedication of all involved. The two core elements of MeDiCT namely sourcing and supply of equipment augmented by training and education will remain the focusand much is planned for 2015.